About us

Welcome to Maluko Kennels.  We are a fairly young, small family home French Bulldog kennel based in Durban, South-Africa. Breeders of French Bulldogs in Durban South Africa.

Welcome to the home of “Maluko Kennels”.  We are a fairly young, small family home kennel based in Durban, South-Africa.  We fell in-love with these funny, crazy, stubborn clown dogs called French Bulldogs or often referred to as “Frenchies” or “Frog dogs” a few years ago and decided we wanted to add a “frenchie” to our family.  Like all good things we found ourselves on waiting lists for 5 long years.  Yoda, was the first “frenchie” to finally join our family.   But since “frenchies” are like potato chips and you can never just have one, Milo joined our family 2 years later.  As these two “frenchies” filled our lives and home with joy, laughter and so much love we decided to add a few more “frenchies” to our family and “Maluko Kennels” was born.   We started to import all our new “frenchie” babies from top Europium bloodlines and Champion parents.   

All our “frecnhies” live with us in our home.  They are loved and treated as part of the family.  Each one of them has a wonderful unique personality of their own and enjoy different activities with the family.   They go on outings to the beach, go watch my son play soccer matches and so much more.

 We believe only the best is good enough for our fury babies and only feed them the best champion food “Acana” with a treat of chicken fillet.    We are registered with the Kennel Union Of South-Africa (KUSA) and also members of The Northern Area French Bulldog Club.  Our beloved “frenchies” health is very imported to us and that is why all our dogs will be tested against all defects once they come of age.    We enjoy taking them to some of the dog shows where they presented themselves very well.   

I have been blessed with the best supportive family and could not have started my dream of “Maluko Kennels” without them.  My heroes of the past…my parents who rolled their eyes, looked at me like I was crazy when I said I’m starting “Maluko Kennels” and then backed me up all the way.  My hero of the present…my wonderful husband that has gotten used to giving up more space in our bed for a fury child, does vet trips and learned to deal with the odd puppy accidents on the floor without complying.  My hero of the future…my son whom fell in-love with this great breed of dogs just like me, who happily sneaks a “frenchie” or two into his bed and helps taking care of them and has also started child handling at the dog shows.   

We invite you to browse our website and hope you come back to see us again.  You can also visit our Facebook page “Maluko kennels”.   Please feel free to contact us should you need any information.